NFU Working With FFA Members

NFU Working With FFA Members

The 83rd National FFA Convention is being held in Indianapolis this week.

FFA members are some of the best and brightest youth in the country. It is critical to engage them early on to meet the agricultural challenges we face in the 21st Century. That’s why, according to National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson, the NFU is exhibiting at the career show at the 83rd National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, this week.

NFU was founded on the basis of its symbol, the Farmers Union Triangle, with the three sides representing education, cooperation, and legislation. Education is at the base of the triangle to symbolize that education of members and others is considered the foundation of the organization’s success. The career show provides NFU with the opportunity to directly interact with the 47,000 students expected to attend the event.

NFU Education Director Maria Miller says the FFA members of today will be leaders in the critical years ahead. Farmers Union is committed to making sure young people have a healthy, vibrant agricultural system that provides opportunities for them to make a living and to make a difference.

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