No General CRP Sign-up In 2009

Farmers do have some options even without general sign-up.

This September several million acres of land in the Conservation Reserve Program are set to expire. Some farmers want to enroll new land into CRP and are asking when the next general sign-up will be.

According to Robert Stephenson of the Farm Service Agency there will not be a general CRP sign-up this year, although he says the intention is to have a general sign-up in 2010. Even without a general sign-up in 2009, Stephenson says farmers have some conservation reserve options.

"There is about 4 million acres of land coming due, contracts expiring this fall," Stephenson said. "They could return to production or if their land is eligible for continuous sign-up they can re-enroll the land under a continuous sign-up contract."

Farmers can also try to get new land in under a new contract next year, however under the 2008 Farm Bill maximum acres allowed in CRP decrease next year from 39 million to 32 million.

TAGS: Farm Policy
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