No Official Word from EPA, DOE on Blend Wall Delay

No Official Word from EPA, DOE on Blend Wall Delay

At this point reports that EPA will delay a decision on increasing the ethanol blend wall are only rumors.

Reuters has reported that the Environmental Protection Agency will further delay a decision on increasing the blend wall for ethanol due to Department of Energy requests for more testing of safety of higher blends.

According to Renewable Fuels Association spokesman Matt Hartwig nothing has been issued by EPA or DOE confirming these reports.

"At present this is still a rumor," Hartwig said. "I don't have any specific piece of paper from EPA or DOE that says, 'yes we are delaying it'."

Hartwig did say that everything he has been hearing has suggested it would be fall before any decision would be announced.

"If the rumor is true it is disappointing that EPA continues to kick the can down the road," Hartwig said. "Hopefully any testing that needs to be required is so that EPA can provide a full waiver for all vehicles on E15."

EPA's current plan is to split the market and allow E15 for vehicles newer than 2001.

"The President this week put out an Apollo-like agenda to get this nation off its dependence on oil," Hartwig said. "EPA continuing to delay the process on approving E-15; ethanol being the only tool available that directly replaces oil in American gas tanks is not what I think the President had in mind."

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