NPB's New Strategic Plan Being Implemented

NPB's New Strategic Plan Being Implemented

Bierman touts several initiatives at World Pork Expo.

The National Pork Board is busy implementing its new five-year strategic plan. NPB President Tim Bierman told reporters at World Pork Expo in Des Moines they've set their sights on "Leading a World-Class Food Industry," and are already beginning to see some evidence of making that happen. Bierman, a pork producer from Larrabee, Iowa, says if you look at the three areas of focus in the plan - helping farmers produce hogs in a socially responsible manner; refreshing the image of pork to increase consumer demand; and pursuing strategies to remain competitive globally - you can see some of the specific steps to implement the plan and its vision.

Bierman said the industry's We Care initiative is helping pork producers demonstrate their commitment to socially responsible production, especially through the Pork Quality Assurance Plus certification program. According to Bierman, PQA Plus helps assure the world we're producing a safe and wholesome product and incorporates animal care and well-being principles. PQA Plus was introduced three years ago at World Pork Expo.

Already nearly 50,000 producers have been PQA certified. Bierman says this demonstrates the commitment producers make each day to producing safe food in a responsible way.

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