NPPC Supports Passage of Panama FTA

Trade agreement would open market of more than 3 million consumers.

The National Pork Producers Council says a U.S. trade agreement with Panama will provide new market opportunities for a wide range of American agricultural products and it will level the playing field for U.S. pork producers and other food producers.


In testimony last week, NPPC President-Elect Sam Carney told members of the Senate Finance Committee that implementing the trade agreement will not only level the playing field but will also open to U.S. pork producers, other agricultural sectors and U.S. businesses a market of almost 3.4 million consumers.


U.S. pork exports to Panama currently are restricted by a small quota and out-of-quota duties as high as 80%. Under the Panama Trade Promotion Agreement, U.S. pork variety meats would receive immediate duty-free treatment, and the trade deal would expand market access for U.S. pork muscle meat through tariff rate quotas. In 15 years, when the agreement is fully implemented, U.S. pork will have unlimited duty-free access to the Panamanian market.

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