NutriSphere- N and AVAIL Can Help Fertilizer Efficiency

NutriSphere- N and AVAIL Can Help Fertilizer Efficiency

Get more bang for your buck by using less fertilizer.

Fertilizer efficiency can be a major limiting factor in crop production systems and with the higher fertilizer prices being as efficient as possible when it comes to fertilizer is more important than ever. Specialty Fertilizer Products offers growers a way to get a better return on investment from fertilizer.


AVAIL and NutriSphere-N are fertilizer stabilizers that case studies have shown can increase efficiency and in some cases do so with less applied fertilizer.


"AVAIL, which is our phosphorus fertilizer enhancer, shields phosphorus from the positive ions in the soil that normally would tie it up or fix it in the soil," said Melanie Acklin, SFP director of marketing. "Calcium, aluminum, magnesium and iron are all important for a growing crop but they also tie up phosphorus. What we're doing is creating a shield to prevent that tie up from happening."


NutriSphere-N reduces volatility in nitrogen on top of the soil surface and reduces leeching in the soil surface. Acklin says ultimately what the farmers see is increased fertilizer efficiency and higher yields as well.


Under the Conservation Stewardship Program, use of a nitrogen stabilizer in some areas can qualify growers for a payment. Acklin says producers should check at their local FSA office to find out if they qualify.


To learn more about these products visit You can listen to an interview with Acklin by using the audio player above.

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