Obama Presents Alternative Energy and Jobs Plan

President observes Earth Day in Iowa.

President Obama returned to Iowa Wednesday where he observed Earth Day and pitched his plan for alternative energy and environmentally friendly jobs. In Newton, Iowa, Obama toured Trinity Structural Towers, a facility building the towers that support wind turbines. The plant took over the site formerly held by Maytag Corporation which closed in 2007. The President was joined by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

"It's a great opportunity for the President to focus on the energy initiatives of his administration," Vilsack said. "The reason it's important is because it shows the transition that's taking place in America to these clean jobs, these "green collar" jobs that the President talks about."

The administration contends that the president's plan will create jobs and protect the environment. To that end, the administration's economic stimulus plan included some $5 billion for low-income weatherization programs and $2 billion for electric car research. Another $500 million was set aside to train workers for "green jobs," such as those at Trinity Structural Towers.

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