Obama signs Food Security Act

Obama signs Food Security Act

Bill supports farmers in developing countries.

President Obama earlier this month signed a bill aimed at supporting farmers in developing countries by supplying them with tools, education and programs for facilitating agriculture in their countries.

The Global Food Security Act, known as Feed the Future, passed the Senate in April and the House earlier this month before being signed by the president.

President Obama sigend the Global Food Security Act earlier this month. The bill supports farmers in developing countries.(Photo: Medioimages/Photodisc/Thinkstock)

“This game-changing development initiative - the first of my administration - has helped increase economic growth and stem the tide of global hunger, poverty and malnutrition over the span of just a few years,” said the president in a media statement. “While we've already accomplished so much through this collaborative global partnership, I know that with the continued effort and support that this legislation provides, we can achieve what was just a few years ago the unimaginable: We can end global poverty and hunger within our lifetimes.”

In a statement, the National Association of Wheat Growers said the bill “demonstrates the U.S.’s desire to help developing farmers achieve self-sufficiency in agricultural development, contributing to a global progress towards food security and emphasizing development in rural communities.”

The bill also supports the Emergency Food Security Program, which responds to emergency food needs.

“While the program is designed to help reduce global hunger and increase food security, the research involved on challenges like drought hardiness and disease resistance may also benefit sorghum farmers in the United States,” according to a National Sorghum Producers media statement.

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