Ohio Animal Care Campaign Begins

Ohio Animal Care Campaign Begins

Major push will be made for ballot initiative.

The Ohioans for Livestock Care/Yes for Issue 2 campaign got its start on Saturday at Bowling Green University in Ohio. The weekend event was the first of 12 rallies scheduled to be held throughout the state through mid-October. State Issue 2 is a proposal on the Nov. 3 state ballot to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. The 13-member board will be comprised of Ohio experts in animal care, food production, farm management and food safety who will establish standards governing care of the state's livestock and poultry.


"These rallies are vital in building support among Ohioans for State Issue 2," said campaign spokesperson Jamie Butts, "We hope everyone who attends one of these events will become involved in the campaign and help us educate voters about why creating this board is so important for Ohio's number one economic contributor – agriculture."


Organizers say passing Issue 2 will ensure excellent care of the state's livestock and poultry and help maintain an adequate supply of safe, affordable, Ohio-raised food.

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