Ohio Livestock Care Legislation Ready for Voters

Ohio Livestock Care Legislation Ready for Voters

Legislature worked out final details of initiative.

A constitutional amendment will be on the ballot in Ohio this November that would establish the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. The board would have authority to set standards for the care and welfare of livestock and poultry in the state. The board would also have responsibilities for food safety and encouraging locally grown and raised food production. State legislatures in Michigan and South Carolina are considering similar legislation.


Many believe that state legislation in Ohio, Michigan and South Carolina is clearly an attempt to keep animal care and welfare standards in the hands of animal ethicists and scientists. Not in the hands of the Humane Society of the United States, which many believe does not have the best interests of the livestock industry in mind.


HSUS got Proposition 2 passed in California last year – legislation that many believe will adversely affect livestock and poultry production in the state. HSUS could bring a similar initiative to the 2010 Ohio ballot.

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