One Million Sign Anti-GM Petition in Europe

Greenpeace will deliver the petition to the European Commission Thursday.

Greenpeace will deliver a one million signature petition to the European Commission Thursday calling for the labeling of animal products from animals fed genetically engineered feed.

The petition claims to demonstrate the growing consumer opposition in the EU to GM foods.

"The petition sends a strong message to industry about the benefits of staying GM-free," says Louise Sales, Genetic Engineering Campaigner with Greenpeace.

Unlike the U.S., the EU requires processed foods to be labeled if they include over 0.9% genetically modified product. However, a loophole leaves out products derived from animals that have been raised on GM feed.

"GM farmers would suffer increased financial risk, including potential liability and lost market access," Sales says. "Farmers have nothing to gain by adopting this technology and everything to lose."

Source: Rural Press

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