Online Course Teaches Technical Side of Ethanol

EPIC's new online course shows how ethanol works in engines.

The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council has developed a new online course to teach the technical side of ethanol. The course will help to provide an understanding of ethanol fuel and how it affects engine performance and the environment.

"Today's consumers ask their mechanics for advice related to the use of fuels in their cars," says Reece Nanfito, senior director of EPIC's senior director of marketing. "So, the ethanol industry wants to make sure those mechanics have the right information to answer those questions adequately."

The site is designed to benefit both technicians and customers.

"It's intended for auto service technicians and other people interested in ethanol as it performs in engines," says Nanfito. "It is an interactive course that goes through the benefits of ethanol and then goes through in great detail how ethanol performs in engines."

Dan Schwartzkopf, general manager of Renova Energy and a race car driver, says anyone interested in learning about ethanol can gain from the course. "If your interest is just knowing what ethanol is, then it's going to tell you a story. If your interest takes you into wanting to know the details of the working of a motor and the fuel together, it's going to take you to that level. So, it's an A to Z program."

The course can be found at

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