On-the-spot pH Accuracy

New meter gives immediate and accurate pH readings.

Spectrum Technologies, Inc. is offering this new FieldScout SoilStik pH meter to give growers on-the-spot laboratory-accurate pH readings in their fields.

To use the meter, simply touch the sensor electrode onto a moist soil sample. The meter works on irrigation water and various chemical applications too.

The SoilStik pH Meter is waterproof and features an easily-replaceable flat electrode that will not clog. It is designed to include automatic temperature compensation and sports a hold function, plus it alerts the operator when recalibration or sensor replacement is needed.

For more information on the new unit, call (800) 248-8873.

IN-FIELD pH METER: The new SoilStik pH meter from Spectrum Technologies offers a self-contained unit that will provide laboratory-accurate pH tests on soil, irrigation water and chemical applications.

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