Osborne Industries' heat pads awarded safety certifications

Osborne Industries' heat pads awarded safety certifications

Stanfield Heat Pads for baby pigs get international electrical safety recognition

The electric heating pads for providing a warm environment for baby pigs that are produced by Osborne Industries have been awarded international electrical safety certifications.

Osborne Industries, Inc. is based in Osborne and has been producing its signature Stanfield Heat Pad products for 42 years.

Over the years, Osborne Industries, which is employee-owned, has become famous worldwide as a leading manufacturer and distributor of pig production equipment.

WARM PIGS: Osborne Industires manufacturers the Stanfield Heat Pad, used to keep baby piglets warm. The pads recently won international electrical safety certification.

In the CB Report, CA/16933/CSA, issued November 11, 2014, the Osborne Stanfield Pig Heating Pad was shown to be tested and compliant with IEC Standards 60335-2-71 and 60335-1. The declaration was made by the CSA Group for Certification and Testing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Additionally, Osborne has received PSE Certification for conformity of its piglet heat mats in Japan and CE Certification for conformity in Europe. The company has maintained CSA Certification on the heating pads since 1983.

George Eakin, President and CEO of Osborne Industries, noted that, "The recent acquisition of these international electrical certifications further supports the safety and integrity of Stanfield Heating Pads, and proves their superiority over other electrical animal heaters."

The heating mat is manufactured with flame-retardant and water-resistant fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The strong composition easily withstands the harsh environments on pig farms.

When Osborne Industries first began making the Stanfield Heat Pad back in 1973, it was the first product of its kind: an electric heating pad to help newly born piglets grow in a warm, safe, and healthy environment.

Since then, Osborne has manufactured and distributed hundreds of thousands of heat pads worldwide and continues to deliver safe, reliable, and economical heat for baby pigs, due to the company’s strong emphasis on quality. Osborne maintains an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

For more information on Osborne Industries, Inc., or the Stanfield Heat Pad, please call 800-255-0316 or 785-346-2192 or visit www.osbornelivestockequipment.com.

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