Pasture, Grazing Management Field Day Is Oct. 2

Pasture, Grazing Management Field Day Is Oct. 2

Family's grazing operation focuses on grassland farming, pasture-fed cattle.

A field day on pasture and grazing management is planned for Oct. 2 at the ranch of Oren and Vera Long near Valley Falls.

The day will include a pasture walk, hay wagon pasture tour and grazing related education. Long and his grandson own and operate a 50 cow herd on about 180 acres of pasture.

Long has developed his grazing system that, in his words, "reflects the new way of thinking about grassland farming."  Long calls his pasture program "a soil building system that is also drought resistant and ecologically friendly.

It is more productive than fertilized brome and far more profitable.  It is easy to establish and simple to manage.  It uses no fertilizer, and hay is fed only during extreme weather events."

Long calls his pasture program a "do-nothing" system:  "This way of grass farming is for thinking people, those determined to find a better grassland system, those looking to improve the way they live and farm. 

What I find most enjoyable about this new way of thinking is watching nature and the cows doing the work, while I do the managing.  It's a great way to farm."

During the field day, Oren Long will give an overview of how to establish his simple grazing program.  The event will begin at 1:00 p.m. and conclude around 6:00 p.m.  The Longs are located 2 miles east of Valley Falls at 16411 Jackson Road.

Reservations are requested by Sept. 24. To sign up call Jason Schmidt at the Kansas Rural Center, 316-461-3243, or [email protected]

This event is sponsored by the Kansas Rural Center (, the Jackson County Conservation District, the Jefferson County Conservation District, the Lower Kansas WRAPS, and the Delaware WRAPS.

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