Pesticide Summit in Rome

The gathering is looking at how to improve pesticide use and their impact on trade.

A week-long summit on minor use of pesticides on specialty crops is underway in Rome, Italy. USDA Undersecretary Gale Buchanan gave the keynote address to the summit that is being sponsored by USDA, the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency.

"Basically each country has its own rules and regulations," Buchanan says. "The purpose of the conference is to try to standardize some of these so that each country has rules and regulations regarding labeling of pesticides that are accepted by other countries. And of course that's what makes commerce possible."

Buchanan says the summit is the first step for future policy development between countries on minor use of pesticides and global trade.

"I would certainly hope that an outgrowth of this conference would lead to an appreciation and standardization of some of the approaches and techniques that we use in labeling pesticides for minor uses," Buchanan says. "That would be one of the most desirable outcomes in my opinion."

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