Pilot Tests Show Hispanic Marketing Materials Increase Beef Sales

Pilot Tests Show Hispanic Marketing Materials Increase Beef Sales

Variety meat sales go up 82.7% with the addition of Hispanic point of sale marketing materials, check-off funded tests reveal.

A pilot test of Hispanic point-of-sale elements conducted for 12 weeks in three Dillons stores in Wichita, Garden City and Liberal showed that  Hispanic marketing materials increased sales of fresh beef by large percentages.

Volume sales increased the most in beef variety meats, which were up by 82.7%, followed by chuck, up 60.1%, loin, up 41.7%, round, up 35.5% and rib,up 26.9%.

Results also revealed that adding Hispanic POS elements increased grocery shopping trips from 8.2 trips per month to 11.1 trips per month.

The tests were paid for through the Beef Check-Off.

"With a growing Hispanic population in the U.S., the need to reach out to this group is increasing," says Jim Henger, executive director of marketing for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, which contracts to manage retail programs for the beef checkoff.

The research was conducted with help from the Iowa Beef Industry Council .

Ordering information and Hispanic point-of-sale materials details are available HERE.

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