Pioneer, Beck's to Team Up for XL

Pioneer, Beck's to Team Up for XL

Companies join forces in a research and distribution agreement to bring new corn and soybean products to market.

Two key seed companies - Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, and Beck's Hybrids - have entered a joint research and distribution agreement to bring "additional corn and soybean products to growers in the marketplace," according to a press statement.

Under the agreements, the two companies will collaborate in research efforts and in distribution of corn and soybeans under the XL seed brand. In the media announcement, Scott Beck, vice president, Beck's comments: "Teaming with Pioneer... enables synergy between us to identify seed products that excel in Beck's geography. These agreements allow us to create, test and identify new hybrid combinations that give our growers a new source of elite products, while maintaining our family ownership, independence and freedom to operate."

Pioneer's Frank Ross, vice president and regional director, adds: "Both businesses will benefit, and we will also enhance the choices of technologies and genetics available to the grower."

Under the agreement, Beck's is not limited in its ability to get germplasm from other suppliers. The seed marketed and distributed by Beck's will be unique and not available from Pioneer sales representatives. The program Pioneer offers germplasm through is called PROaccess.

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