Pioneer Hi-Bred Announces New Inoculant Platform

Pioneer Hi-Bred Announces New Inoculant Platform

Grass fiber technology, inoculant 11GFT, offers producers higher forage performance.

Pioneer Hi-Bred has unveiled Pioneer brand 11GFT inoculant, the second in a series of products in the revolutionary Pioneer fiber technology platform. This product offers dairy producers an additional avenue to enhance forage digestibility for reduced feed cost.


"The fiber technology platform was launched in 2008 with 11CFT developed for corn silage. We now have expanded our offering to include this product developed exclusively for grass and cereal silage, the first of its kind," says Kyle Whitaker, Pioneer marketing manager for forage additives. "Additional fiber technology products are currently under development."

This inoculant stimulates "front-end" fermentation efficiency by rapidly dropping silage pH while helping to retain valuable nutrients. Another key benefit is increased aerobic stability for conservation of nutrients on the back end during feedout. 11GFT improves fiber digestibility and dry matter intake which facilitates higher silage inclusion rates.

Through testing, 11GFT has shown an increase in milk production with a decrease in feed cost when compared to untreated forages related to increased neutral detergent fiber digestibility. The increased cell wall availability leads to a higher intake, rate of passage and overall higher performance.

"The grass and cereal fiber technology product enhances Pioneer's already extensive lineup of crop-specific inoculants, such as 11CFT and 11C33 for corn silage, 11H50 for alfalfa silage and 11B91 for high-moisture corn," says Whitaker. "Pioneer products are unique because of the research effort to offer crop-specific bacterial strains to enhance feeding values. Pioneer's research with crop-specific inoculants continues with the fiber technology platform."

To learn more about Pioneer inoculants, contact your local Pioneer nutritionist or dairy expert or visit

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