Pioneer Hi-Bred Announces Seed Treatment Offerings for Corn, Soybean Growers

Pioneer Hi-Bred Announces Seed Treatment Offerings for Corn, Soybean Growers

Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment choices give growers flexibility.

Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business has announced the company's Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment offering for the 2010 planting season, a program which will provide growers even more flexibility to select seed treatment products based on the season's field conditions and individual needs.


"The Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment offering further enhances the Pioneer product performance equation which includes three key components - unique proprietary genetics, industry-leading traits and seed treatment options," says Mick Messman, Pioneer senior marketing manager for North American seed treatment. "These new seed treatment options provide growers even more effective choices in placing the right product on the right acre."


For 2010 planting, Pioneer is offering fungicide and fungicide/insecticide treatments from the conditioning plant, as well as increasing choices growers will have for soybean seed treatments through the company's extensive network of sales professionals.


In addition to the same soybean treatment products provided through production facilities for 2010, namely Gaucho insecticide and Trilex and Allegiance fungicides, the new Pioneer Premium Seed treatment offering also provides the flexibility of adding inoculants, signal molecules and other treatment amendments applied closer to planting to meet localized needs and conditions for maximized productivity.


For corn seed treatments in 2010, Pioneer will be offering Cruiser Extreme 250 and Poncho 1250. Additionally, Avicta Complete Corn, a new offering which protects against nematodes in corn, will be available on an as-ordered basis for corn.


"We've increased the number of plots and personnel dedicated to seed treatment testing and application throughout North America," says Messman. "Many new products are coming to market, and with our added resources and focus on seed treatments, we can determine which ones will best complement Pioneer genetics and traits and provide the most value for growers."


To learn more about seed treatments and the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment offering, contact your local Pioneer sales professional.

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