Plan Now for Grassland Management Schools in August

Both Tallgrass and Short Grass Prairie Education to be offered.

A chance to learn rangeland management first hand from ranchers and land management experts will be offered in a three-day school sponsored by the Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition Inc.

There will be two separate schools, one for the Tallgrass Prairie and one for the Mid-/Short Grass Prairie.

The Tallgrass school will be at White Memorial camp in Morris County August 11-13 and the Mid-/Short Grass school will be at Camp Aldrich in Barton County Aug. 18-20.

The Tallgrass School is nearing half of its capacity with about 20 people enrolled at this point.  The Mid-/Short-Grass School has about 10 people enrolled so far.

Agency and organization staffs or anyone needing continuing education credits can work with us to receive credit hours from either Ft. Hays State University or Kansas State University.  College students can get undergraduate and graduate credit hours as well.

The schools cost $250 per person, but scholarships are available to most ranchers interested in attending reducing the fee to $100 per person.

Agency staffs may qualify for a $100 scholarship.  Students can also receive a $150 scholarship.  To apply, go to the KGLC web site and fill out a very simple scholarship form and get it in by July 17.  We have much more detailed information about the schools and highlig

For more information on the 2009 range management schools, contact Tim Christian, KGLC coordinator, at 620-241-3636, e-mail [email protected], or Ken Sherraden, KGLC co-coordinator, at 785-922-7061, e-mail him at [email protected].

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