Poly Diker From May Wes

Molded wheel "imprints" water reservoirs into soil surface.

A molded poly wheel that "imprints" water reservoirs into the soil surface can be fitted onto virtually any tillage toolbar for use in fall or spring soil preparation. The Poly Imprint Wheels come from May Wes Mfg which also makes universal toolbar mounting brackets for just about any brand equipment.

Poly Imprint Wheels work differently than other soil imprinting methods from the past that used heavy metal rollers. The reservoirs created do not compact the soil so that as water is "caught", it will freely soak into the ground rather than creating a series of small "ponds". The reservoirs are created with various curves and angles that are designed to enhance the ability of the reservoirs to do their job. Depths of reservoirs will vary depending on soil type and contour of the land. As time passes, the imprints will fill with top soil and residue, helping retain nutrients in the field.

The wheels are available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-ft. sections with 20-in. dia. wheels. Kit includes wheels, brackets, and mounting hardware. Wheels are also available in smaller sections for use in strip-till. For more information, contact May Wes Manufacturing at (800) 788-6483 or go to www.maywes.com.

ONE FITS ALL: Universal mounting bracket developed by May Wes allows the Poly Imprint Wheels to be used for spring and fall tillage behind nearly any tool.

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