Pomeroy Strives to Halt EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

Pomeroy Strives to Halt EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

AFBF votes to support legislation of this sort.

Representative Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., is trying to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases. He says this is not how the issue should be dealt with.


"Let's have a full, thorough debate and legislate in due course with the elected representatives from across the country exercising their responsibilities," Pomeroy said. "This isn't for a bureaucrat at his desk in the Executive Branch."


According to Pomeroy the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions under the current provisions of the Clean Air Act is dangerous, irresponsible and wrong. That's why he's introduced H.R. 4396 - the Save Our Energy Jobs Act. It's a measure he believes can gain traction in Congress.


"I think even some of those that were supportive of cap and trade legislation are going to have qualms about this being now a matter for regulatory process and not for a duly deliberate process of passing a bill and putting a law in place tailor made to address this problem," Pomeroy said.


Pomeroy says the Legislative Branch is where laws are written, not the EPA. Earlier this week delegates at the 91st American Farm Bureau Federation Meeting voted to support any legislative action to stop EPA regulation of greenhouse gases.

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