Pork Board Working to Reinforce That Pork is Safe to Eat

Polling finds consumers are getting the message.

The National Pork Board has been surveying consumers from coast to coast each night since the H1N1 scare became a major news story and according to Assistant Vice President of Communications Cindy Cunningham the most recent poll shows over 93% of consumers are getting the message that pork is safe. She says the polling numbers have gone up each day.

The NPB is getting assistance from retailers who've agreed to feature pork more often in supermarkets and restaurants to help maintain customer demand for the "other white meat." While encouraged by the results so far Cunningham says the Pork Board's producer-leadership last week authorized an emergency $1 million national advertising "buy."

"Even though we're seeing good numbers coming back from our polling that consumers are getting that message is safe to eat," Cunningham said, "We really want to reinforce that now so there isn't any doubt as we move forward."

The print component of the campaign began with full-page ads in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and other major newspapers. The Pork Board is also working with the U.S. Meat Export Federation to shore up foreign demand for pork, which consumes 25% of U.S. production.

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