Pork Producers say Ethanol Industry Should Share More Risk

Pork Producers say Ethanol Industry Should Share More Risk

NPPC supports ethanol but wants less burden on livestock sector.

The National Pork Producers Council says the ethanol industry should share more of the risk with livestock farmers if corn is limited due to a combination of bad weather and high demand for biofuels. NPPC board member Randy Spronk told the National Research Council last week, it is bad policy to force livestock farmers to bear almost the entire risk of rationing if there is a short corn crop.

The Edgerton, Minn. pork producer believes that while pork producers have strong feelings about federal ethanol policies, they strongly support increasing the production of renewable fuels as vital to U.S. energy and security needs.

Pork producers endured the two most challenging years in their history in 2008 and 2009 thanks in large part to high feed costs triggered by a doubling in the demand for corn for use in ethanol. Spronk pointed out the pork industry remains exceedingly vulnerable to a repeat of 2008.

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