Pork Serves Up Affordable Mealtime Solutions

Survey shows Americans are eating out less.

Budget-conscious Americans who are hungry for healthy meals that don't break the bank are finding new inspiration from the Pork Checkoff and celebrity chef Dave Lieberman.

"Pork is a staple in my grocery cart because of its great value," says Lieberman, author of Young and Hungry: Making the Most of Fresh and Affordable Food. "Pork is versatile, so your family won't get bored with the same old dish, and it can be healthful too."

According to the "Affordable Meals Survey" conducted by the Pork Checkoff, 70% of Americans say they're eating out less to save money. In addition, 64 percent also note they plan to look for low-cost meal options. The good news? Despite a record year of record rising food prices in 2008, pork retail prices rose less than 5% last year, making pork one of the most competitive choices in the meat case.

Lieberman urges consumers to get more for their meal by saving time and money with "cook once, eat twice" recipes. His Italian Sunday Porchetta and Mexican Pork Shoulder Stew recipes are included in a new Pork Checkoff press kit, which has been distributed to media outlets across the country.
To help consumers utilize kitchen staples, incorporate pork and prevent mealtime dilemmas, TheOtherWhiteMeat.com has several online tools that were promoted in the latest press kit, including:

• COMING SOON! Lean Ground Pork Pocket Guide. In the coming weeks, visitors can download the free, step-by-step brochure, "Ground Pork: Deliciously Simple Burgers And So Much More!" This new guide, which includes preparation tips and several budget-friendly recipe ideas, is the third publication in the Pork Checkoff's "Pocket Guide" series. Previous titles focus on pork tenderloin and pork chops.

• Pantry Pick. This handy, online tool allows users to take any pork cut and pantry ingredients they have on-hand, match a recipe using that combination, and put a tasty pork meal on the table.

• My Recipe Box. This simple solution allows families to save their favorite pork recipes in an online recipe box so they are easily accessed when it is time to whip up non "blah" meals.

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