Portable Solar Power Comes From SunPod

Portable Solar Power Comes From SunPod

SunPods Solar Smart Technology Systems offers 2.4 KW to megawatt units

Agriculture and other industries needing remote electrical power now have a new tool in SunPods, a product of SunPods Solar Smart Technology Systems.


The SunPod SP-500 meets the needs for remote power for navigation systems, pumps, distribution systems, telecommunications, oil and gas applications, and any other demand for clean, portable, renewable power.


Scaled from 2.4 kilowatts to a megawatt size installation, SunPods are engineered for fast and simple installation and can be easily formatted to work with or without grid connections. Output is 110 - 480 VAC, 50hz/60hz, or 12/24/48 VDC.


The units power up on delivery with the installation of an inverter with no further assembly required. For more information, visit: http://www.sunpods.com.

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