Poultry Handling and Transportation Program Developed

Poultry Handling and Transportation Program Developed

USDA, Penn State will hold certification training sessions.

Scientists at Penn State University have developed the Poultry Handling and Transportation Quality Assurance program. It is a certification program for the training of poultry transportation and catch crews in methods of biosecurity, disease recognition, emergency planning, and the safe and humane handling of birds before, during, and after transport. The certification involves transportation and handling of several species including day old poultry, breeders, pullets, spent fowl, broilers and turkeys.

A scientific team of Penn State, USDA, as well as industry specialists will conduct the training and certification. PHTQA is the first third party certification of this type to cover several poultry species. The certification program is viewed as being an important training and marketing tool for the poultry industry. Multiple training sessions will be held in 2011.

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