Powering Up for Forage Productivity

Powering Up for Forage Productivity

John Deere hits the 800-horsepower mark with the new 7950 self-propelled forage harvester.

Forage production is a high-intensity business these days with machines that have to get moving and keep moving fast. John Deere, to meet the needs of the biggest forage producers, is offering the new 7950 self-propelled forage harvester with 800 engine horsepower. And the company is rolling out a new 770 SPFH Corn Head and 600C Series Pickup Head to complement the entire 7050 forage harvester line.

The 7950 SPFH is now available to order and replaces the 7850 in John Deere’s forage-harvester lineup that includes five additional models that range in size from 375 to 615 hp.

Forage producers are on the hunt for more power to ramp up productivity and John Deere answers with the 7950 self-propelled machine.

The machine can replace two smaller forage harvesters, saving labor, and offering enhanced feed-making capability. If you've got a lot of forage to make, this may be the machine for your operation.

Power comes from a 19-liter Cummins engine. The machine also features the John Deere HarvestLab and AutoLoc - for automatic length of cut - to customize machine performance. The table below shows the full line-up.

You can learn more by visiting JohnDeere.com.

John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

7050 Series SPFH Models



375 hp


470 hp


550 hp


615 hp


615 hp

7950 (Replaces the 7850)

800 hp

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