Precise Fueling for 4X4

Brute Force 750 4X4 gets electronic fuel injection.

Kawasaki has upgraded the Brute Force 750 4X4 with electronic fuel injection for easy starts at sea-level to the timberline and increased fuel efficiency whether riding for fun or pulling loads.

The company's 749 cc eight-valve V-twin now feeds through a pair of 36 mm computer-controlled throttle bodies based on air temperature, pressure, coolant temperature, throttle position, crankshaft angle and vehicle speed. Power from the engine goes to the ground through Kawasaki's continuously-variable transmission which offers two and four-wheel drive modes at the flick of a handlebar switch. The front differential is a limited-slip unit which eases driver effort in most conditions, but the machine also offers variable front differential controls to manage torque right and left when conditions get rough.

FUEL INJECTED BRUTE FORCE: Kawasaki added electronically-controlled throttle body fuel injection to its

Brute Force 750 4X4 for 2009. New engineering in the front drive-line and throttle system make for lighter "feeling" riding and driver comfort.

New engineering on the throttle adds ball bearings and lighter throttle return springs for less driver fatigue.

This year's Brute Force 750 also gets cardan joints in its front drive-line to lower weight and reduce vibration.

As always, the Brute Force comes with front hydraulic disc brakes and a sealed multi-disc rear brake on the drive line. An electronically controlled engine braking system helps when traversing long steep hills.

A 1,250 lb. towing capacity is standard and the machine comes with a standard hitch ball bracket.

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