President Pushes Policymakers to Pass Petroleum Proposals

A day after meeting with automakers about flex-fuel vehicles, President Bush calls on Congress to curb consumption of oil.

President Bush continues to praise alternative fuel as a way to help ease what he calls America's "addiction" to oil, urging Congress to pass legislation that would help to reduce U.S. gasoline consumption.

Bush focused Tuesday on technologies that companies can use to update their truck and bus fleets for use with alternative fuels such as biodiesel.

"I want the American people to understand that there are new technologies on the market that are being used every single day, but there's more we can do," Bush said at a postal service vehicle maintenance facility in Washington.

The administration is pushing its renewable energy agenda, which includes a 20% reduction in gasoline usage over the next 10 years. Bush says this goal "isn't a pipe dream, this is something that our nation can accomplish. It's going to take more research dollars, it's going to take working with the private sector, and it's going to take innovative leadership."

The president challenged legislators to move on renewable fuels proposals before the start of the summer driving season, saying lawmakers "need to pass meaningful energy legislation as soon as possible, all aiming at making sure that we promote technologies that, for the sake of our national security and for the sake of good environmental policy, we reduce the usage of gasoline."

On Monday, Bush met with automakers to discuss flex-fuel vehicles and increasing availability of ethanol blends.

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