President Reiterates Veto Threat

Following ceremonial swearing in, Bush talks about Farm Bill.

President Bush visited USDA headquarters Wednesday for the ceremonial swearing in of Ed Schafer as the 29th Secretary of Agriculture. During his remarks, he renewed his stance on the Farm Bill.

Bush told the audience that he wanted a bill that spends people's money wisely, doesn't raise taxes, and reforms and tightens subsidy payments. He says if Congress sends him a bill that doesn't do those things he will veto the measure.

Schafer lent his support to the President.

"I too have listened to farmers and ranchers and landowners about they want in a farm bill," Schafer says. "I am looking forward to engaging in the process because I believe in the principles of the new farm bill set forth by the President of the United States."

Bush says Schafer will work with both parties in the conference committee to come up with an acceptable bill. Both the House and Senate versions of the farm bill have drawn his criticism.

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