President Signs Public Lands Law

Vilsack pleased by designation of additional public lands.

An expansion of National Wilderness Preservation and Wild and Scenic Rivers systems on federal land, including the U.S. Forest Service has been made. The legislation creates 21 new wilderness areas and expands 19 existing wilderness areas on ten National Forests.

"President Obama has signed a sweeping public lands law that dramatically expands wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers on designated federal lands," said Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack. "This landmark legislation will help to provide for better management of water resources and related climate change issues, while preserving the beauty and uniqueness of our Nation's natural resources for future generations."

Nearly 77,000 acres have been added to wilderness areas in the eastern states while more that 380,000 acres of wilderness has been designated in western states. The Wild and Scenic River designations include segments of 18 different rivers in seven National forests spanning 481 miles.

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