President Speaks in Copenhagen

President Speaks in Copenhagen

Administration charged with lagging behind on initiatives.

Today is the day President Obama announces to the world that the United States is prepared to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17%. While meeting with world leaders at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, Obama is facing criticism back home because there is a feeling the administration is lagging behind on initiatives that could already be helping the nation meet those goals.


Bob Dinneen, president of the Renewable Fuels Association, says under the worst case scenarios of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ethanol production today is meeting the greenhouse gas reduction goal the President will announce to much fanfare. Dinneen says now is the time to match that rhetoric with action.


Dinneen believes, with a final push, cellulosic and other advanced technologies can begin commercial production of biofuels that will greatly help efforts to mitigate climate change, provide jobs, and continue reducing our reliance on imported oil. 

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