Pro Football Player Promoting Green Fuels

Pro Football Player Promoting Green Fuels

Greenway appearing in videos for Growth Energy.

Growth Energy, the coalition of American ethanol supporters, is promoting green fuels in several ways, including on YouTube and during this Saturday's Iowa Hawkeye's football game. Former Iowa Hawkeye Chad Greenway, currently wearing Number 52 for the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, has joined the effort to make America more energy independent with ethanol by appearing in three videotaped messages for Growth Energy.


In one of the videos Greenway says the better we are at growing our fuel today, the better off our kids will be tomorrow. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says Chad Greenway is not only an outstanding athlete and a smart competitor, but he was raised in the heartland. He knows how important ethanol is to the American rural economy, our capability to raise the grain we need for both fuel and food, and how important it is we develop our own sustainable, renewable fuel.


In one video Greenway points out that ethanol's byproduct, distiller's grain, provides a vital source for livestock feed. In another, Greenway debunks the myth that growing corn for ethanol raises food prices by pointing out that commodity prices declined last year, but fuel and food prices still rose.

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