Prof on High-Fat, High Sugar Diet Loses 10 Pounds

Prof on High-Fat, High Sugar Diet Loses 10 Pounds

Goal of 'bad' diet demonstration is to prove that losing weight is about calories consumed and calories burned, not about nutrition.

Mark Haub has been eating nothing but high-fat, high-sugar snack cakes for three weeks and he's lost 10 pounds.

The Kansas State University professor says his goal is to prove that losing weight is about how many calories you eat and how many you burn, not about the macro-nutrient content.

He said his diet shows there is no strong definition of healthy weight loss.

"It doesn't matter where the macronutrients are derived from as long as essential nutrients are consumed at the recommended levels, and the fuel is consumed at a level at or below energy expenditure," he said.

Haub is not sure that he will try a different diet next semester to counter this one, but he did say he might extend his snack food diet for a few more weeks. He had planned to stick to the diet for four weeks.

Haub said that he misses steak and hamburger the most, but he is not yet tired of sweet food.

Haub said he has received numerous supportive comments from dietitians and people recovering from eating disorders.

Haub's diet progress can be followed on Twitter at

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