Program Announced to Help Canadian Pork Industry

Program Announced to Help Canadian Pork Industry

Canada will provide loans, credit, and transition help for producers.

Canadian agriculture minister Gerry Ritz has announced restructuring plans to make Canada's hog industry lean and competitive. The plan focuses on three key areas: investing in marketing initiatives, providing government-backed credit for those businesses with an opportunity to survive and helping struggling operations exit the industry. Ritz says some operations simply aren't viable anymore and the plan is to help them transition out of the industry and reduce production. Other operations will receive government-backed loans to help them weather the current economic storm.


Ritz promised the Canadian government will invest in marketing to find new customers for Canadian pork and make our pork industry successful for the long term. Jurgen Preugschas, Chair of the Canadian Pork Council, blamed the problem on the world pandemic caused by the H1N1 virus.

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