Propane Group Offers Incentives to Buy/Test New Propane Equipment

Propane Group Offers Incentives to Buy/Test New Propane Equipment

FEED program offers up to $2,500 to be part of year-long test.

Farmers interested in buying a new propane-fueled irrigation engine, lawn mower, or a pair of propane tankless water heaters for the 2010 growing season can earn up to $2,500 from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) through the organization's Propane FEED (Farm Equipment Efficiency Demonstration) program.


The Propane FEED program gives a financial incentive to select agricultural producers who buy, install, and use any of three types of propane-fueled equipment for their agriculture operation and agree to tell PERC about the equipment's performance.


"Through the Propane FEED program, we want to learn more about the performance and efficiency of new propane-fueled equipment," says PERC Director of Agriculture Programs Mark Leitman. "The development, refinement, and commercialization of new propane technology remains a strategic goal for PERC, and the demonstration of new technology through this program is a key step in that process."


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Irrigation Engine – 8 cylinder


Irrigation Engine – 6 cylinder


Irrigation Engine – 4 cylinder




Tankless Water Heater*


*At least two units must be installed. 


Incentives and Equipment

·         A University of Nebraska study found that propane-fueled irrigation engines can cost 30% less than diesel to buy and use in the first year.


·         Propane-fueled lawn mowers are perfect for agritourism farms, vineyards, and stables. Propane mowers can reduce fuel costs up to 20 percent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 48% compared with gasoline.

·         Propane tankless water heaters conserve energy and reduce costs by heating water only when hot water is needed. The water heaters can provide hot water for sanitation for dairies and other farm processing applications.


Any U.S. farmer or rural business operator can apply to take part in the program by going to If selected, the applicant receives the incentive payment directly. During the yearlong demonstration period, PERC and the applicant remain in touch with one another to monitor the performance of the equipment.


"In exchange for PERC's support, we ask the user to commit to using the propane equipment for at least one year, provide reports on how the equipment performs, and allow us to photograph the equipment when appropriate," added Leitman. "Only new equipment is eligible for the program. Refurbished or modified equipment will not be considered because PERC wants to measure the effectiveness of new equipment in the field."


A qualifying producer can get incentives to buy more than one of the three different products, but only one unit in each equipment category (or two, in the case of the propane tankless water heaters) will be eligible for an incentive. In other words, a producer who buys an 8-cylinder propane irrigation engine and a propane mower would be eligible for incentives totaling $5,000.


Visit for more information on the Propane FEED program and details on how to apply. 


PERC's vision is that the agricultural industry will embrace propane as a preferred energy source that offers cost-effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, reliability, portability, and environmental friendliness. For more information on PERC and its programs to promote the safe and efficient use of propane in agriculture, call 202-452-8975 or visit




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