Pulsar Herbicide Registered for Use in Wheat, Barley

Pulsar Herbicide Registered for Use in Wheat, Barley

Syngenta introduces new herbicide for kochia, wild buckwheat and other broadleaf weeds.

Syngenta Crop Protection announced Environmental Protection Agency registration of Pulsar herbicide to control broadleaf weeds in winter wheat, spring wheat, durum wheat and barley. State registrations may still be pending. Please check with your state regulatory agency to determine registration status.


"Pulsar eliminates the most destructive broadleaf weeds, even wild buckwheat and ALS-resistant kochia, through a specially designed formulation that provides the crop safety and flexibility growers deserve," said Shawn Potter, herbicide brand manager for Syngenta.


Pulsar tested well in 2009 university trials, offering growers a new option for broadleaf weed control in cereal crops for the upcoming 2010 season.


"Pulsar looked great in our trials," said Kirk Howatt, associate professor of weed science at North Dakota State University. "We tested Pulsar for control of kochia, and it worked really well."


Pulsar contains two active ingredients for broadleaf weed control. Both are Group 4 (synthetic auxins) chemicals, which also aids in resistance management as it provides an alternative mode of action to ALS (Group 2) herbicides. Pulsar controls weeds by interfering with the plant's growth hormones (auxins), causing the disruption of normal plant growth patterns.


"Pulsar has excellent crop safety on all varieties of spring wheat, winter wheat, durum wheat and barley," Potter said. "That, combined with the industry-leading kochia control component, will make Pulsar a vital tool for the 2010 season."


Pulsar will be available to growers beginning in the 2010 season. For more information about Pulsar and the cereals product portfolio offering from Syngenta, visit www.farmassist.com/crops/cereals.

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