Rain on Planted Wheat Welcome, Not So for Unplanted

There's still time to plant for patient farmers.

Recent rains in Kansas have been more than welcome for farmers who have already planted their 2009 wheat crop.

Those who still have wheat to plant are not so grateful. They have to wonder when it will dry enough to get into the field again and they are worried about seeing optimum planting dates disappear from the calendar.

Jim Shroyer, agronomist with Kansas State University, says there's still time to plant, however, and farmers should be patient.

Farmers planting wheat in late October and November should boost their seeding rate to 90, perhaps 120 pounds per acre depending upon the planting date and whether wheat follows a just-harvested row crop. The increased rate will compensate for lack of tillers prior to winter dormancy, Shroyer said.

Shroyer reminds producers that they must be mindful of crop insurance planting deadlines. According to the USDA's Risk Management Agency, wheat must be planted by a particular date in order to qualify for full 100% crop insurance coverage.

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