R-CALF Encourages Participation in Listening Sessions

Focus should be on common sense and practical solutions.

R-CALF USA hopes cattle producers from across the nation will take full advantage of the seven USDA listening sessions scheduled by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Those sessions are designed to hear producers' concerns for the proposed National Animal Identification System as well as to hear producers' solutions for enhancing animal disease traceability.

"We encourage U.S. producers to participate in the upcoming listening sessions and to focus on common sense and practical solutions to our nation's legitimate need to enhance disease traceability without infringing on the rights and privileges of U.S. cattle producers," said Dr. Max Thornsberry, R-CALF USA President/District VI Director said.

R-CALF believes the proposed NAIS is fundamentally flawed and represents a backward step in U.S. animal disease control and eradication efforts. Thornsberry says that the NAIS is an invasive and onerous regulatory regime that would violate the rights and privileges of hundreds of thousands of U.S. cattle producers.

USDA has not announced the exact locations of the listening sessions within each city. The first session is May 14 in Harrisburg, Penn.

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