R-CALF Resolutions to Go To Membership

R-CALF Resolutions to Go To Membership

Group wants clarification and enforcement of PSA.

The full membership of R-CALF USA will have the opportunity to vote this spring on two policy resolutions that call for total and complete enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards Act. The resolutions were passed unanimously during the organization's recent convention.


R-CALF USA says four major packers slaughter approximately 88% of all market-ready steers and heifers, creating a captive supply. According to R-CALF, packers want to tell us what kind of cattle we'll be allowed to produce, what kind of bull we must turn out with our cows, what kinds of vaccinations we have to give our cattle, and then they're going to tell you what kind of money they are willing to pay for that animal.


R-CALF USA Marketing Committee Chair Dennis Thornsberry says they're not looking for any government bailout or stimulus money. He says fix the problem by making the government enforce the PSA. The first resolution is expected to clarify Congress intent that PSA is to protect individual producers from harm.  And the second resolution, according to Thornsberry, is plain language that suggests the administrator of the Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Administration needs to be aggressive in doing his job.

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