Red River Valley Bracing for More High Water

Melting snow has water rising again.

Residents of the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota are still recovering from the effects of last months flooding, when the Red River crested at 41 feet, the highest in history. However, according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, the area will be seeing more high water.

"We are going to be facing a second and likely higher crest along the Red River," Rippey said. "That is bad news for flood weary folks in places like Fargo, where the river is expected to rise again in the second half of April."

There have been a couple of storms move through the valley building up an extensive snow pack since the earlier flooding.

"The river has been steadily falling but that fall is going reverse this weekend and looks like it will be heading back up," Rippey said. "With some snow melt expected, a lot of moisture frozen in the soil column, and ice in the fields that has been frozen in place by the cold weather; all those reasons and more will be adding to a second and major crest."

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