Report Indicates E85 Not Causing Problems at the Pump

Underwriters Laboratory performed audits of E85 refueling stations, with favorable results.

A February Underwriters Laboratory report found that 96% of E85 dispensing equipment at gas stations was as good or better than the gasoline equipment at the same station, and although the ethanol blend has been used for only a limited time, UL site visits showed no evidence of E85 handling equipment degrading significantly faster than gasoline equipment.

The report, titled Survey of E85 Fuel Dispensing Operations in the U.S., was based on UL audits of E85 pumps. UL did not report any major problems with E85 equipment, although some swivels and hoses may have required replacement due to some leakage.

In October 2006, UL withdrew previous E85 dispensing equipment certifications, apparently as a result of concern over previous testing protocol. The recent report and continuing audits are part of an effort from UL, automakers, the ethanol industry and federal agencies to create a new E85 certification process.

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