Researchers Showcase Biotech at International Event

At the BIO 2007 International Convention in Boston, speakers say biotechnology in agriculture is moving the planet towards a sustainable bioeconomy.

A panel of researchers from the U.S., New Zealand and Australia spoke at this week's BIO 2007 International Convention in Boston, touting biotechnology's uses in agriculture. The panelists say that biotechnologies can guide the planet towards a sustainable bioeconomy.

"Humanity faces four major challenges," says Sano Shimoda, president of BioScience Securities, "Finding renewable energy and sustainable sources of materials, improving our environment and enhancing human health. The convergence of information technology and molecular biology dramatically increases agriculture's potential to supply fuel and animal feed as well as more nutritious food."

Dr. Gerard Davis, CEO of Australia-NewZealand-based Catapult Genetics, says that global competition for grain drives research aimed at improving the efficiency of cattle and sheep in converting feed to meat, milk and biofeedstuffs.

However, the speakers also say that realizing this potential to build a market-driven bioeconomy through biotechnology would require a transformation in thinking from industry insiders as well as from financiers, media, politicians and the public.

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