Revised Texts for WTO Ag Negotiations Being Released

Chairman expected to present newest revisions on Monday.

The chairman of the agricultural negotiations committee of the World Trade Organization global trade talks will release revisions to Doha Round negotiation texts on Monday. Ambassador Crawford Falconer of New Zealand says it's an important move forward.

"My feeling is that after that period of, I think it's over three months since the last revision, and in light of the discussions we've had," Falconer says, "I think it would be timely and sensible for me to do another revision of the document."

Falconer says enough progress has been made by member nations on issues such as tariff reductions on sensitive products a revision are warranted.

"In saying that I think it's time to do a further revised text, I'm not saying it's the final revised text," Falconer says. "I don't see it that way. It's the next revision."

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