Ritchie Industries Deepens the Pond

New livestock waterers designed for up to 100 dairy or 200 beef animals.

The WaterMaster Series of livestock waterers just got bigger as Ritchie Industries unveiled the new Deep 54, 54-gallon deep trough model designed for up to 100 dairy animals or 200 beef animals.

The Deep 54 features a larger front access panel, two overflow levels, and a domed valve cover to keep water free of debris.

Ritchie Industries has broadened its line of one-piece, heavy-duty livestock waterers with the new Deep

54 rated for up to 200 beef animals.

Like other WaterMaster products, the Deep 54 is made of heavy-duty, one-piece polyethylene, has a sloping bottom and large drain, and requires 75% less energy in winter conditions to keep ice-free water available for livestock.

For more information, call (800) 747-0222 or visit www.ritchiefount.com.

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