Rural Development Funds Total $266.8 Million in 2008

Money included a record $161.9 million for affordable housing.

USDA Rural Development funding to Kansas during the 2008 fiscal year hit an all-time record of more than $266.845 million, which included a record $161.9 million for affordable housing.

"USDA Rural Development is very proud to provide another year of record funding for much needed community and economic development programming for Kansas," said state director Chuck Banks.

Rural Development, as well as state and charitable agencies, have been challenged by back-to-back disasters across Kansas, led by 2007's devastating Greensburg tornado and followed by catastrophic flooding drought and a 2008 tornado in Chapman.

In the wake of Greensburg, the agency established partnerships with private, non-profit and faith-based sectors to more efficiently deliver needed assistance to Kansas.

Since 2001, USDA Rural Development has invested nearly $1.5 billion in funding assistance for Kansas to expand affordable housing, community facilities, business development, water and waste disposal, renewable energy and energy efficiency, telecommunications, and value-added producer programs.

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