RX for Off-season "Lock Up"

Engine Release helps free up engines that have seized during storage.

Poor storage conditions can lead to engines "seizing" as corrosion attacks cylinder walls and rings. Now, there's a solution for this sometimes expensive situation, and it's not a rebuild.

B.R.T. Technologies of Port Kent, N.Y. says its Engine Release attacks corrosion and frees up engines of all sizes that have seized during storage.

Injected into a spark plug or fuel injector hole, Engine Release works its way between metal surfaces and corrosion to reduce friction at piston rings, all the way to the piston skirt.

This compound can make up for improper storage conditions that cause engine lockup from moisture

infiltration into the cylinder.

Company spokesman Serge Harrison told Farm Progress Cos. Engine Release is only for moisture-related engine lockup. "If you've locked up an engine with heat, there's no way something you put down the cylinder bore in liquid form is going to remove the damage. Our product is only for those applications caused by poor storage conditions that have allowed moisture into the cylinder."

Engine Release is available in 250 ml containers with flexible injector bottles on-line for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

For more information, click on www.enginerelease.com

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