Salford, known for tillage, makes seeding purchase

Salford, known for tillage, makes seeding purchase

Valmar Airflo acquired by Salford Group, expands line.

When you think of Salford, the first thing that probably comes to mind is tillage. The company has been a leader in the vertical tillage market - and had success with more conventional tools as well. But over the past couple of years it's acquired BBI Spreaders, and developed the Salford Air Cart division. This week, the company announced purchase of Valmar Airflo, Inc., a leading manufacturer of seeding and granular application equipment.

This is the setup Dan DeSutter first used to plant cover crops combining a Valmar and Salford machine to get the job done. Salford has acquired Valmar Airflo.

In a media release announcing the purchase, Geof Gray, CEO of Salford Group comments: "We are thrilled to add Valmar Airflo to our family. This merger will allow us to offer a complete line of competitively priced seeding and granular application equipment to the grower and service provider."

The acquisition expands the Salford Group line to include primary, secondary and vertical tillage, air seeders, commodity cards, cover crop seeders, spinner-type fertilizer spreaders, air-boom applicators and granular applicators for fertilizer, insecticide, seed, seed inoculant and forage preservatives.

Valmar is known for its patented Airflo metering technology which it combined with other original equipment tillage, seeding, planting and application equipment to enhance farm productivity and versatility. The company was founded in 1976 by Charles Balmer, a Swiss immigrant who moved to Manitoba in 1953. Balmer started out as a mechanic eventually recognized from both the Manitoba and Canada Halls of Fame for his innovative designs and commitment to improving technology for growers.

Back in 2007, Indiana farmer Dan DeSutter was the first to use Salford and Valmar equipment together, paring a Salford I-1100 and a Valmar 2455 to apply his annual ryegrass crop. Since then, interest in cover crop seed has expanded and Salford and Valmar equipment have been used in tandem for the application.

Going forward the merger will offer new benefits to Valmar, according to Mercedes Caron, Valmar president: "This next step in our cooperation with Salford Group is very exciting for us. "Salford Group has the capital, additional core expertise and access to markets that will bring Valmar's existing product lines to more farms in North American and a greater global market."

Going forward - as they have with BBI Spreaders - Salford will strengthen the existing dealer network and add more dealers for the Valmar Airflo brand.

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